You might be a beginner in cryptocurrency trading but with some experiences in other platforms like Forex. If you are interested to test your skills in altcoins markets, you must first realize the differences and plan your own strategy to earn. In this article we show you some useful strategies to earn from cryptocurrencies markets.

Is there any differences between crypto markets and others?

The answer is yes. There exists at least two major differences that affect your trading strategies. The first one is that altcoins and especially Bitcoin have huge fluctuation even in a day! So it is possible to see high percent of changes in their price in the price rise or fall. The next difference is that many less important coins haven’t good technical charts, especially in the intraday time frames. Therefore, you cannot apply many technical techniques on them.

What is the best strategy to earn from trading cryptocurrencies?

In my opinion, “Price Action” method is the best. There are many many articles, videos, books and etc. available on this method. Since this kind of markets experience many fluctuations, you can earn a lot by keeping eye on the resistance and support lines. We will describe this method later in more details.