There are many cryptocurrencies available and new ones are added each day. When a company or person wants to introduce his crypto to the world, he starts a campaign named Airdrops. In this campaign he will share some free coins to the world. It is usual to ask users to follow or join some official social media before giving their rewards. But be CAREFUL. There exist many scams or fake airdrops.

How much can one earn from Airdrops?

It depends to the owner. Some may pay you one dollar and others may pay based on your current balance of special coin. The second case is more usual when an update or hard fork arisen for well-known coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. For example, all Bitcoin holders have received some free Bitcoin Gold and Bitcoin cash based on their balances. In the case of new coins, you need to register in their official sites, get their wallets and do some jobs to receive your coins.

Where can we find recent Airdrops?

If you search in the internet for “Crypto Airdrops”, you will find many sites available listing the upcoming airdrops. They usually have some filters for their introduced airdrops and users can rate them and share their experiences. So it would be more convenient to find a trusted airdrop. In another articles, we will review some important web sites for airdrops.