You may heard about airdrops and tested some of them but earned nothing! Yes, though the airdrops are so tempting, there exist many fake or scam ones that just want to attract users and pay nothing. They are really waste of time.

Is there any real airdrops?

Yes they are many real airdrops that pays you, you can follow cryptocurrencies reliable news to find them. Sometimes new branches of the old coins like Bitcoin or Ethereum reveal an airdrop and shares free coins to their owners. Besides, there exists many new coins that wants to be famous. So they pay a bit to increase their value. They also pay you more when you refer a person to follow their steps.

Where can one find airdrop list?

The top sites in the Google are useful in this case. However, even with high filters and ranking system, there are many fake ones among them. You must test to find the real ones. Another points is that some airdrops aren’t fake, but they don’t accept users from special countries. Search Google for the following phrases to find airdrops listing: “Crypto airdrops”, ”crypto airdrops telegram channel”, “Crypto airdrops forum” and etc.